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Casper McWade "Poor Kid Christmas" - Kody's Country Review

One of the things that attracted me to Casper McWade’s music was the conviction in his voice. That, along with the captivating ability to create such a range and variation in his songwriting, his stage presence, and the intense emotion that he delivers. All of his songs are stand-alone and no two are alike. Whether it be deep loud vocals or a soulful melody, Casper has a unique and very distinctive sound which can be heard and recognized in his previous albums. 

I had the opportunity to see Casper live with hopes of hearing his new single "Poor Kid Christmas", I was far from disappointed. As Casper began performing Poor Kid Christmas, the emotion in his body language left no doubt that this song means something special to him, and he expressed it superbly. McWade wrote this humble tune recalling  his own life and childhood. It is a detailed narrative telling the story of a child growing up poor, not having much under the tree, but with a lot of love and strong family bond, they never knew they went without.

 Poor Kid Christmas  begins with a beautiful strum of the guitar then followed by his powerful vocals that will have you reminiscing of days gone by, and although material things may have been scarce, the family ties were not. The song is not sad, but yet a happy reflection of a man and his memories.

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  • Kody, you gave a perfect description of Casper’s music. Love this song and the memories it brings of our own Christmas’s. Thanks!

    Vicki Lowe

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