Jim Bachmann "Hate to See You Go" with Kayla Ray REVIEW by Kody McDowe – DBPC

Jim Bachmann "Hate to See You Go" with Kayla Ray REVIEW by Kody McDowell

Jim Bachmann Hate to See You Go (featuring Kayla Ray)

Jim Bachmann’s new single Hate to See You Go ( featuring Kayla Ray ) was released Monday November 23rd, 2020. The single was produced by Chad Gregory and features the instrumental stylings of Nolan McKelvey from The Railbenders on Bass, Jon Rauhouse from Neko Case on Pedal Steel all pieced  together with gorgeous vocals and lyrics.

Hate to See You Go is a sweet and sentimental goodbye from two people who are or were very close, a love letter of sorts. The song is sad, but not bitter like many breakup, or parting ways  songs. In this song they wish each other well as they move on. This is a song so familiar, that many of us can more than relate to as it is something we’ve all known too well. Whether it be saying goodbye to a lover, friend or family member. And even though it is a sad melody, at the same time it dredges up fond memories of past relationships. Jim’s voice is rough, but beautifully counter balanced with Kayla Ray’s buttery smooth tones. The two go hand in hand. I love how Hate to See You Go is an intensely rich Waltz that beckons us to the dancefloor.

Right now Jim Bachmann is working on finishing up an album with hopes for release in early 2021.

You can catch his next live show at The Lion’s Den in Pinetop, Arizona on December 11th & 12th.



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