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The Terry Douglas Band "Through The Storm" Album Review by Kody McDowell

2020 may have been the year that the music stopped for many artists, but not for The Terry Douglas Band who released their second album "Through The Storm" (November 2020). This album has a feeling of classic country with very smooth and sweet vocals. The range of the vocals are complimented nicely by steel guitar, piano, and fiddle. The majority of the album's music was written by Terry Douglas with the exception of "Quittin’ Time", written by friend Ron Speaks. Douglas co-wrote "Through The Storm'' (w. Bethany Douglas) and "Last Cowboy" (w. Jerry Morgan). The album was recorded and produced at Earthworks Studios in Newark, Ohio by Brandon Banks, and mastered by Ken Love in Nashville. The beautiful female vocals you’ll hear are that of Megan Hysell, the newest member of the band.

"Through the Storm" opens it's eleven tracks with "Small Town USA", a charming song that speaks about a subject very familiar to me, life and home in a small town. This song brings up happy childhood recollection as you will hear in lyrics like “It’s where I grew up, It’s where I’ll die, it’s where I’ll spread my wings and fly”. The pedal steel intro along with Terry Douglas’s, baritone vocals are prominent and well-matched with the backing vocals of Billy Compton. A solid opening piece for the album. 

Further down the track list is Long Gone, immediately I felt a familiarity between this song and Chris Cagle’s What Kinda Gone. The utilization of the fiddle and piano is an integral component of this song as it drives the song’s feel. 

This next song Happy deserves an honorable mention as a sweet reflection of a past relationship that failed at some point and the love and well wishes that continue between two people despite being apart as Terry Douglas describes to us with the lyrics;


Where can I go where you don’t exist? / I see your face in every crowd / I’m dying on the inside, it’s breaking me down / but I see that you’re happy / happiness looks good on you”. Megan Hysell joins in with her powerful, yet smooth vocals, and the two together really get the listener’s attention.

With Sinners Prayer we will recognize and find a relation in how none of us are perfect and we all fall short at times in the usual ways, replacing God with a god of our choice whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction, lust, etc,

The song Roll On is one that stood out to me on this album. This song talks about times of uncertainty and confusion and that despite all of that he can “Roll On” with family, friends, and Jesus. The sounds of the steel guitar are very distinctive and when combined with the slight drag of Terry Douglas’ deep vocals they give this song a sound of old school southern rock which I admire.

Overall this album has great assets vocally and instrumentally and has a feeling of the universal, classic country sound for easy listening.

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