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Death Before Pop Country is more than a brand, it’s a mantra. One that says we will not just sit here and let corporate entities that couldn’t care less about the genre of music they are pushing but more about the dollars they can make with a “country” label take over. They have NO RIGHT to determine the future of Country Music and decide what is good and what gets to be heard via celestial radio and other media outlets. We have grown up with the different avenues Country has taken over the decades from greats like Hank Williams to Randy Travis and all in between. What these artists had in common is the fact they were country, they lived a country life and they respected the music that came before them. The style may have changed here and there but the core had not. This is not the case today. We are being force fed hip hop with a fiddle and being told that is Country, this is what is happening RIGHT NOW. Don’t piss up my back and tell me it’s raining. What we see are artists like Cody Jinks, Jamey Johnson, and Sturgil Simpson filling venues without the help of the so called industry. They are today’s outlaws, they are today’s GOOD COUNTRY MUSIC. Music that should be heard on a Country radio station, music that deserves respect. A formula boy band in skinny jeans and a cowboy hat doesn’t belong period. DBPC isn’t anti-alternative music, in fact we support music in all forms but what belongs where matters and we are sure as hell not ok with displacing our musical heritage with something else.
My Daddy with Minnie Pearl
You may ask what is Death Before Pop Country doing about it other than selling shirts or whatever? The answer is making it our mission to get more people aware that the music we have always loved is still here. Not only here but as good as ever. I personally have been in marketing and commercial advertising for over 20 years. I walked away from the advertising business because I was basically just going through the motions. I didn’t feel like what I was dong was A.) personally satisfying and B.) made a hill of beans difference at the end of the day for anyone. I wanted and needed to do something that gave me passion and that actually could help someone else. I needed a purpose. I have always loved music and in the beginning of my career that’s what I was doing, working with bands. I wanted to get back to what I loved and decided to take the leap against the well being of the pocket book but for the betterment of the heart. As an artist I figured out not only can I design graphics for guys to sell but also use in a social media platforms to promote. I saw a need and wanted to apply what I had learned in the corporate advertising world to the guys hitting the road trying to find their way. Slowly but surely that is what we have been building over the last couple years. A media outlet for the people that need it and deserve it. Death Before Pop Country merchandise is a means to an end. It allows us to put the proverbial gas in the tank and create not only band specific art but media surrounding the acts themselves. We do this through videos, interviews, show shares, etc. Basically that is what DBPC is above all else, A Media Outlet for up and comers along with the latest in news and events concerning Country Music and Southern Rock. We believe in Country music in a time when people in positions of power do not. Please Join US in our efforts! Everyday I talk to someone about Country Music and 95% do not even understand what is being kept from them. They appreciate the eye opening and this tells me the Heart of Country is alive and well it’s the heart of corporate radio that is dead.
Mom with a nice batch of fish!
Last but far from least I would like the mention the “We” in DBPC. These people are the grass roots of the over-all picture and amazing partners in the mission.
The Honky-Tonk Hotel: Located in Blue Springs Missouri. Jim Guthrie and Wife Victoria are passionate about Country music and are quickly becoming a staple in the scene. They commit a great deal of time and effort in helping artist with a clean free place to stay along with a hot meal for the weary traveler. They promote, book and basically all in between without any outside support for themselves. Awesome people doing great things.
Oklahoma Reviews: This Tulsa based couple Sean and Melissa are both writers and talented photographers. They spend countless hours going to shows, taking high end pictures and writing up the people that need to be seen and heard. They do all this while raising a family. It is beyond me how they balance it all but they do and are very remarkable people worthy of real respect.
Honkytonklahoma Apparel & Promotions & Booking: My good friend and partner in crime Jimmy Wade. Jimmy is the main reason I am doing this today. He walked into my shop and started to educate me right away about the Country Music scene and I am thankful for that. Jimmy along with DBPC friend Ben Stanton have held a “Red Dirt’s Answer to Cancer” benefit for Children with cancer for years all on their own time and dime. Jimmy truly loves Country Music and is the eyes and ears for me regarding everything that is going on. He is my right hand man to be sure and always knows what’s trending. He is the Real Deal and I appreciate him for it.
I would also like to mention more people doing great things but maybe not directly connected to DBPC. They are worth following and contribute mightily to the cause. Outlaw Resurgence (Amanda Carlon), and The Country Music Armadillo (Venice Joe Pettijohn Jr.) They are great and create a lot of fun in the scene as well as promotions. Thank you guys!

Country Music Forever,
Scott Youtsey
Founder - Death Before Pop Country